We Are Revolutionizing Working and Living Communities‚Äč

Our vision is to be at the forefront in the creation of innovative business ecosystems.

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Entrepreneurship Support Organization in Nigeria
Entrepreneurship Support Organization in Nigeria

Hosting various businesses within a coworking space creates a rich community of businesses that member businesses benefit from, taking advantage of the benefits that are typical of communal set-ups such as networking, partnerships, sharing of resources, access to information, and learning with and from peers. This increases the chances of success of start-ups faced with tough business realities.

Such is the Box Office Hub model and history of operations. Launched in December 2012 by Doyin Adewola, Box Office Hub was created with the aim of giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to be more sustainable while they go through the phases of studying, testing, and mastering their market, in a conducive environment, cost-effective and professional way. Long-term office rent is absorbed and evenly distributed across various startups and SMEs.

Common facilities like business support, front desk, office assistants, internet connectivity, security, furniture and fixtures, air conditioning system, and power supply are all shared by all businesses co-located in a center. Payments range from daily to annually. The successes achieved with workplace solutions and lessons learned along the way have led us also to take a closer look at solutions around communal living.

We are revolutionizing working and living communities. Our destination is a not too distant future where existing and redundant resources are efficiently put to use to create virtual and physical ecosystems for wealth creation and economic development.

Our open-door-all-year-round policy enables members, who are spread across various sectors of the economy to request specific needs ranging from mentor matching, funding opportunities, regulatory compliance assistance, technical and management training, and a variety of services needed for their growth.


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