Most Nigerians Love the Idea of Working From Home – Box Office Hub Work From Home Survey

Remote work is now a trend across Africa

Working from home has never made it to the front burner in the Nigerian corporate setting, perhaps, the situation never called for it. Depending on the nature of the job role and the type of organisation, employees had to do some aspect of their job at home. This did not replace the need to clock in by 8:00 am from Monday to Friday every week. As the coronavirus pandemic penetrated the fabrics of the Nigerian economy, it became imperative for corporate organisations to switch. Despite the lockdown, operations had
to continue and working from home became the new model. Very few organisations had dreamt of a time where their staff could work from home but they had limited options for

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On the other divide, employees who were fortunate to retain their jobs had to cope with the ordeal of working from home amidst poor quality of internet services and unstable power supply.

The era of lockdown is almost over but the option of working from home must not evaporate. Employers tend to save some cost and achieve improved productivity. The employees will also become masters of their work schedule and there is a tendency for
efficiency to improve. This does not usurp the role of developing an efficient digital platform and putting the right policies in place.
Box Office Hub is one organisation that is at the forefront of promoting work from home in Africa. During the coronavirus pandemic, the company launched the home office
package; a unique service that enables individuals to set up a convenient home office with high-speed internet, power bank and other support services.
In furtherance of its corporate objective of empowering entrepreneurs, freelancers and
businesses to work from home, Box Office Hub conducted a social media survey to assess the perception of social media users on the idea of continuous work from home. The survey result showed that 64.3% of respondents thought that the idea of working
from home was great. 37.7% of the employees were indifferent due to lack of relevant work from home experience but none of the respondents saw it as a bad idea.

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The survey report clearly shows that most Nigerians love the idea of working from home. It follows that providing employees with the right home office solution will have a positive impact on employee satisfaction, commitment, performance, innovativeness and productivity. It is wise to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ and investing in developing work from home capabilities is a step in the right direction.

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