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  • Job Type: Freelance
  • Categories: ,
  • Location: Remote
  • Posted On: 3 months ago
  • Cost: ₦75,000.00

Job Description

To provide support towards the regular update and incremental development of WordPress built web application.

Functions and Responsibilities
Receive feedback catalog from Business Development Analyst and implement solutions accordingly.
Participate in platform review meetings to understand updates for implementation.
Research competing solutions for adaptation of desired elements after approval by web application sponsor.
Interface with plug-in vendors for purchase and implementation of relevant plug-ins.

WordPress Expert
Software development/ Java/ Python

Excellent attention to details
Ability to multitask
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Proactive problem solver
Strong creative outlook
Fair and modest
Good research skills
Intelligent and willing to keep learning

Key Performance Indicators
Number of bugs fixed (minimum of 85% of reported bugs)
Innovations integrated (minimum of 2 incremental innovations)
Successful implementation of application version updates (at least 1 monthly)
Successful integration of plug-ins (95% success rate)

Responsibility Level
High level of independence and self-motivation.

N75,000 monthly

How to Apply
Signup on the platform as a Service Provider before applying for the job.
State your counter offer amount in the cost section without separating the zero digits with a comma e.g (90000)
Your motivation pitch on your quotation should show how well you are a fit for the gig.
Fill any relevant information in the description form field.
Have a complete profile with professional pictures (less than 1MB), experience, certificates, uploaded sample creatives and your address/location (pinned on the map).