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  • Job Type: Full Time
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  • Location: Abuja
  • Posted On: 3 months ago
  • Cost: ₦150,000.00

Job Description

To ensure the optimum management of finances and other resources of Box Office Hub (human and material). To support value creation (wealth/ profit) through management of operational activities and these includes; revenue collection, use and records keeping/ analysis for decision making.

Functions and Responsibilities
Manage Cash flows, payables and receivables and other bank and non-bank financial relationships.
Oversee and direct the proper recording of all financial transactions across BOH through the use of accounting software.
Review and sign-off on all accounts reconciliations and reporting; and direct and implement the preparation of the BOH Final Accounts.
Develop and recommend policies guiding operations.
Oversee BOH budget preparation exercise, and assist in establishing BOH-wide procedures for Budgetary Monitoring & Control in order to meet financial goals.
Prepare periodic reports to management highlighting insights to finances with recommended actions for growth.
Oversee all operational activities through CR&CMs, which include planning, Facilities Management, and resource management.
Attends high profile meetings and carry out tasks to free up the CEO/COO from routine administrative tasks to focus on Strategic Business Imperatives.

Functional Competence Requirements
Experience with corporate processes and systems.
Flare for figures and good understanding of corporate finance.
Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Good research skills.
Critical thinking ability.
Comfortable with numbers.
Functional knowledge and skills in using Microsoft Office applications (PPT, EXCEL, WORD).
Good understanding of measurements, colors, dimensions and drawings/graphics.
Attention to details.

Key Performance Indicators
Consistent delivery of high level documents/reports and corporate communication.
Regularity and consistency with processes such as records, reports and reconciliations.
Proactive provision of operational and financial advice and intelligence from operations history.
Good situational summaries from research/study of issues.
Implementation of agreed strategy and business initiatives evidenced by follow up efforts and support provided to all involved.
Optimum use of resources; finances, team and otherwise.

Responsibility Level
Strategy and Business Development Implementation

N150,000 monthly

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