How Your Home Office Can Become a Crystal Palace?

The idea of a home office has become the new norm and statistics show some very interesting facts. More than 55% of organisations around the world are developing capacity for their staff to work from home and 77% of people working from home reported an improvement in their productivity. Employees around Africa are not also left out of the growing trend which is further accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the pandemic, most entrepreneurs have leveraged the increasing digital technologies to work from home. This means that they market their services online, provide support services to clients and organise logistics from their home. What is usually missing is a home office because productivity could be adversely affected when people have to sit on their sofa or bed to work. Apart from the health implication of poor sitting position during work, the challenge of poor internet connectivity and unstable power supply all make it difficult for people to work from home.

Responding to the trend of working from home, Box Office Hub developed the home office package which offers a broad spectrum of support to corporate organisations whose staff have to work from home. It also provides flexible solutions for entrepreneurs who need to do business at home. With such a unique service now in the marketplace, a home can no longer be defined as a place where people live but rather, a place where people live and do business. The idea of making your home a crystal palace means that you have everything required to work comfortably.

Migrating from home to home office requires some customisation which gives your home a crystal palace status. Before you start querying search engines with questions regarding work from home tips, work from home meaning, list of work from home companies and work from home jobs, you need to have your home office setup to be ready. Drawing on the modalities for deploying on the home office solution of Box Office Hub, a team of technicians inspect your home to determine a suitable solution for your home.

The solution deployed by Box Office Hubs’ team of technicians is flexible. They have to check the quality of internet speed in the area, the electricity supply situation and your working preference which is a function of your type of business. Depending on the assessment, subscribers enjoy up to 15GB of data for browsing, 100Watts Power Bank, workspace setup and loads of business support services to enhance productivity and keep you spot on.

Guess you cannot ask for more when working from home. There is nothing you cannot do at home when you have supportive internet service to keep you online and having a workspace means that you can cut distraction to a large extent when you work from home. A lot of individuals and corporate organisations are making the most of the coronavirus pandemic by working from home and you should not make an exception. 

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