Freelancers are joining the Box Office Marketplace for more jobs in Nigeria

The demand for Freelance jobs in Nigeria is growing. Thanks to the coronavirus
pandemic and the bubbling internet platforms for business, work and learning, the
number of persons and organisations in need of Freelancers have rapidly grown.

Despite the growing demand, Freelancers find it difficult to get freelance jobs and the
reasons are not far fetched. Most Nigerians do not trust the quality of service proposed

by freelancers and the Freelancers on the other hand market their services on
unprofessional platforms.
To break this jinx, Box Office Hub launched its online platform for Freelancers, Service
Providers and General Professionals to market, promote and sell their services. Box
Office Hub, a leading coworking space provider in Nigeria developed the platform to
enhance the credibility of general online service business.
The marketplace of Box Office Hub which is free and open to all service providers is a
game changer in the service industry. The online marketplace is unique because for the
first time in Nigeria, an online professional service platform has been created to protect
the interest of the buyers and also service providers.
With the online marketplace, Box Office Hub has reaffirmed its interest in supporting
business growth in Nigeria.

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