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General Information

Agrecourse is a truly Nigerian but global inclined organisation. The company has a gig for becoming a global leader in empowering smallholder farmers across Africa. Trusting on its unique skills, methodologies and wealth of experience, Agrecourse has been at the forefront of facilitating the transition of smallholder farmers from the shackles of subsistence farming to the enviable height of commercial and large scale agriculture. The company leaders bank on the goodwill of partners and its vast network of global sponsors to ensure food security, youth inclusion in agriculture and economic growth.

Agrecourse is responding to a critical challenge of agricultural productivity and food security in the continent. In Nigeria, a country with the largest population in Africa, more than 80% of farmers are smallholder farmers who also account for 99% of total crop output in the country. With a knack for accountability, compassion, integrity, diligence and excellence which are the hallmarks of the Agrecourse core values, the organisation continues to set the pace in transforming the agricultural sector of Nigeria.

The Agrecourse Project, Product and Services

Since the commencement of operations in 2018, Agrecourse earned a reputation for providing innovative services that meet the needs of agricultural entrepreneurs in Nigeria. A review of the company’s Instagram page shows hundreds of graphic branded contents that projects the juicy value proposition of the Agrecourse brand.

The Agrecourse solution cuts across different segments of the agricultural sectors. This includes;

  • AgriTech Solutions
  • AgriBusiness Services.
  • Agriculture and Farm Operations.
  • Agriculture Sponsorships and Investments.
  • Agricultural Commodity Trading
  • Alternative Investment Sourcing.

These diverse solutions address the pain points of stakeholders in Agriculture thereby leading to food security and agricultural development in Africa. Implicitly, the Agrecourse believes that improving the capacity of smallholder farmers is crucial to achieving food security and has demonstrated a strong commitment to achieving its corporate vision over the years.

The Success Stories

In a space of 2 years, Agrecourse has made some remarkable achievement which underlines the success stories of the brand as mentioned on the website of the organisation. The journey of Agrecourse has been characterised by over 14 sponsorship cycles and over 8142 plots cultivated. Over 1,000 farmers have been empowered through the various interventionary programs to scale their crude operations. Interventions in the area of livestock farming have also been successful; about half a million fishes have been reared and nearly 50,000 poultry birds have been reared through the innovative support program of the brand. In total, Agrecourse has surpassed the expectation of nearly 3000 clients who trust the organisation’s approach to revolutionise the agricultural sector.

Agrecourse in Media Spotlight

Agrecourse has been in the news for its innovative approach to transforming agricultural productivity in Nigeria.

  • In June 2020, This Day Live provided a vital resource showing Agrecourse contributions to policy development in the Agricultural sector.
  • The organisation also got a feather on its cap when a reputable cybersecurity platform, Emycyber rated Agrecourse online business model as safe, secured and trustworthy.
  • Agrecourse has also been celebrated as having one of the top 5 farming investment applications in Nigeria as indicated by
  • The CEO of Agrecourse, Ayoola Oluga was featured on Pressreader due to his outstanding contributions and leadership which has been the backbone of the organisation success.
  • Crowdfunding is a relatively new model in the Nigerian agricultural sector and thanks to Agrecourse, a feature was included in the Guardian Newspaper to clarify a crowdfunding approach in the agricultural sector of Nigeria.
  • The brand was also featured on the popular Linda Ikeji Blog as part of promotional effort to create awareness about the business model of the organisation.
  • ng recognised that the Agrecourse Solution provides a veritable tool for ending hunger and poverty in Nigeria. An insightful feature was published on the platform to advance these results.
  • Punch Newspaper has also been prompt in publishing information regarding the investment and sponsorship initiatives of Agrecourse in Kano, Kaduna and other parts of Nigeria.

Connect with Agrecourse Limited

Address: Box Office Hub, Discovery Mall, 215 Konoko Crescent, Off Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

Phone Number(s): 08066098896/08088128876.



Twitter: @Agrecourse.

Instagram: @Agrecourse

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