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BETA is a unique platform created to provide structured in-class business training, access to financing, and active mentoring to early and growth-stage entrepreneurs in two unique tracks, the Kickstart and Ascend Programs respectively. 

Participants of the Kickstart and Ascend Programs are admitted in quarterly cohorts within a year through a screening process in order to maintain high-quality participation and also increase the effectiveness of the programs.

The BETA Faculty facilitate respective training sessions using a mix of proven and relevant knowledge dissemination methods, provide occasional mentorship, and are also responsible for recommending participants who qualify to receive investments from the BETA Fund to the BETA Board of Investors. 

The BETA Board of Investors is responsible for managing the BETA Fund with its stakeholder interests and also making the final funding beneficiary decision, amount to be invested, and other investment terms. Apply here for either the Kickstart or Ascend programs here

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