5 benefits of setting up your home office

A couple of months ago, most Nigerians did not understand what is meant by
working from home. We were used to the usual hustle and bustle of waking up by
4:00am or earlier for those who live and work in Lagos just to get to the office on
time. However, the new norm created by the coronavirus pandemic is that your
corporate office can be just where you want it, your home.
So long as you have the need to work from home, you need home office facilities.
A home office is even better for freelancers and entrepreneurs with a great deal for
a dependable workstation that can enable them meetup with the demand of their
Drawing on our home office customer testimonials, we have identified 5 benefits
of setting up your home office.
1. Become more organised: working from home can be very distracting and
because people tend to lose sense of being official, they may find it hard to
organise their task. With a home office, you get the feeling of being in a work
environment and that feeling keeps you organised.
2. Save cost on energy: the problem of power supply remains one of the biggest
barriers to working from home. Most people who work from home have to spend
money on fuel, diesel and such. With a dedicated home office solution, you get a
100 watts capacity PowerBox which means you can power your laptop and other
office devices. To achieve your target, you need energy and with a home office,
you can do more.
3. Improve your personal security: cybercrimes and other forms of criminal
activities such as kidnapping are on the rise. You cannot afford to put your home
address online just because you want your business to appear as a credible brand.
A good home office package provides you with a corporate business address which
means, you can meet your client at a different location while you work at home.

For instance, Box Office Hub’s home office package provides such features which
boost the corporate outlook of your brand and enhances your security.
4. Join a strategic support network: by subscribing to the home office package,
you get to join a network of professionals within and outside your industry who
also work from home. This means you get access to community events, business
training, learning platforms and other strategic support solutions that can add more
value to your organisation.
5. Get support staff: most times, people tend to work "solo" when they work from
home but having a home office delivers much more. With the home office package
of Box Office Hub, you can now work from home and still enjoy correspondence
management by a team of dedicated professionals. The team received your letter at
the office, provides you with updates and supports you in maintaining an effective
correspondence management system.
You do not need to waste productive hours in traffic because your home office
helps you to manage your corporate business effectively. Staying productively safe
has become the new norm and the home office setup is strategically designed to
give you more for less. Being organised, saving cost on energy, enhancing
personal security, joining professional networks and linking up with support
networks, you position your brand on the pedestal of unlimited growth.

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